The-EnvironmentAfter 2 years of research and development ULTRA PURUS has created a unique range of SANITISERS, DISINFECTANTS, FUMIGANTS, SPECIALISED CLEANING AGENTS & ALTERNATIVE CHEMICALS.

The ULTRA PURUS range of products are made from food grade ingredients rich in natural phytochemicals.



ULTRA PURUS has combined 3 key factors in the development of its products.



The-Environment-2Over the past 50 years over 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into all facets of our world creating the world we now inhabit. As the environmental impact of some of these chemicals both to the physical environment and human health has been found to be detrimental both consumer demand coupled with legislative and regulatory requirements is driving the need to find alternative environmentally safe alternatives.

ULTRA PURUS has tackled this issue head on by creating environmentally friendly products.

All ULTRA PURUS products are environmentally friendly & sustainable.
100% Biodegradable
Septic, Sewage & Grey Water Safe

Free of: phosphate, toxic residues, chlorine, caustics, sodium lauryl sulfate, tricolsan, quaternary ammonium, ammonia & sodium hydroxide.



About-2In the development of the ULTRA PURUS range Sanitisers, Disinfectants, Fumigants, Specialised Cleaning Agents & Chemical Alternatives we looked to the past & applied current science & technology to reinvent & create new formulations & compounds.

A multidisciplinary approach was applied combing engineering, cleaning, medicinal & food preservation technologies in the development of the ULTRA PURUS range of products.


About-3ULTRA PURUS ingredients are carefully chosen & formulated to ensure maximum efficacy while ensuring that all the ingredients are true to nature.

Where possible ULTRA PURUS uses its proprietary manufactured Essential Oils, Natural Extract & Naturally Fermented Vinegars in its products. All other ingredients including the alliterative chemical product range are ethically & sustainably sources & formulated.